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Astro-Numerology 101

4-Week Course

In this course you learn the secret language numbers and their associated planets and characteristics.

If you always see repeating numbers, or numbers in sequence, and have always wondered if there was a meaning behind them, then you can learn to decipher the messages contained within these patterns.

This course will not only teach you the meanings of numbers in general, but it will go much further than that. It will shed light on your own personal numerology and all the secrets and guidance contained within your own date of birth.

In the most simple terms, Numerology applied to people is like having a simple psychological profile on them. You will learn what the characteristics of each number are, as they manifest as personalities within people.

As part of Personal Numerology, you will learn the characteristics of your:

  • Soul Number (Your Innate gifts and challenges)

  • Life Path Number (The Path you will take in life to accomplish the mission)

  • Destiny Number (The final destination and your life’s purpose in broad terms)

  • This four week course will focus on the step by step introduction of these concepts. The foundational 4 week course will focus on the following:

  • Week 1 - General Introduction to numerology and the general meaning of numbers

  • Week 2 - Intro to personal Numerology and Soul Numbers

  • Week 3 - How to calculate your Life Path Number and the meaning of each Life Path Number

  • Week 4 - How to calculate your Destiny Number and the meaning of each Destiny Number

  • This general 4 week course will provide a solid foundation for your personal use of Astro-numerology.

    You will have the tools to decipher general meanings of the numbers as they deliver messages from the divine to you in the day to day occurrences of life, and you will have the toolset to decipher the basic psychological profiles of those who are near and dear to you.

    The more and the better we get to know ourselves and those around us, the better we can understand, cooperate and co-create together in a harmonious and productive manner.

    Are you ready to learn the secret language of numbers?


    Astro-Numerology 101

    4-Week Course

    Teach Me All About Numbers!

    Numerology is the bridge between who you are now and who you have the potential to be.
    - Michelle Buchanan

    Astro-Numerology 102

    Now that you have mastered the basics of Numerology, there are some other pieces of information you may want to have.

    This deeper look at the world of Numerology will introduce you to Master numbers and a much more personal use of numerology in your own personal calendar.

    Each of us has a personal 9 Year cycle in our lives that we repeat.

    You can learn how to calculate your own personal year, months, and days and learn your personal energies in that particular duration of time.

    You will know what days and years are better suited to starting and finishing personal projects, and what days to avoid for making important financial and legal decisions or investments, for example.

    The more we know, the better informed our decisions will be, and therefore the higher the chances of our success.

    Are you ready to dive deeper into the secret language of numbers?


    Astro-Numerology 102

    Dive Deeper

    I'm Ready to Learn More!

    You Attract the Right Things When You Have A Sense Of Who You Are”
    - Amy Poehler

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